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JAI BHARAT ROSIN - "Gum Rosin" And "Turpentine Oil"

We Are One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of "Gum Rosin" And "Turpentine Oil" In India Since 1976. We Are Known For Quality Of Our Products And Our Business Principles. We Supply Our Products Throughout India And Overseas.

Rosin, Formerly Called Colophony Or Greek Pitch, Is A Solid Form Of Resin Obtained From Pines And Some Other Plants Mostly Conifers, Produced By Heating Fresh Liquid Resin To Vaponize The Volatile Liquid Terpene Components. It Is Semi-Transparent And Vanies In Color From Yellow To Black. At Room Temperture Rosin In Brittle, But It Melts At Stove Top Temperatures. It Chiefly Consists Resin Acids, Especially Abietic Acid.

AN ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Organization

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